MFD: 1 adult, 2 children injured in crash near 49th and Villard

MFD: 1 adult, 2 children injured in crash near 49th and Villard

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Fire Department says an adult and two children were hurt in a two car crash near 49th and Villard on Wednesday, Dec. 11.

Police say it happened around 4:39 p.m., a six-year-old was ejected out of one of the cars and was transported to the hospital with a broken leg. The child is expected to survive, because the injuries were non-life threatening. 

A witness, who wanted to remain anonymous says the crash was so loud, it made her run outside. 

"It was just a big boom and when I came to the door I saw a car, so I went out to the yard and saw another car, and I was like oh my God, what is really going on out here," she said. 

The witness dialed 911 immediately. 

"Oh my God, I needed to call the police," she adds. 

Police say the crash happened because a car failed to yield the right of way. An officer at the scene says a mother and her kids were traveling in a white sedan heading northbound on 49th. A blue SUV headed westbound on Villard struck the sedan. 

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People who live nearby say the scene is devastating.

"That was a mother transporting her children, and it's heartbreaking to know that kids were hurt," said Larry Adkins, who lives down the street. 

Adkins says the reckless driving he sees constantly, needs to stop. 

"I travel these roads right here so I see the drivers all the time," said Adkins. "It's like, you're in a rush to get where?"

"Slow down, be safe. It's the holidays, people are not trying to lose their kids or their loved ones, slow down," said a witness. 

This is a developing story. Stick with CBS 58 for updates.

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