Menomonee Falls School Board votes to change masking policy

NOW: Menomonee Falls School Board votes to change masking policy

MENOMONEE FALLS, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The Menomonee Falls School Board voted to change its masking policy Monday night, Sept. 27.

The board voted to give the superintendent authorization to require masking in classrooms when 10% of students in that classroom test positive for Covid-19. Adults in those classrooms would also be required to mask at that point, however the masking would only be required for a period of 10 days.

The board also gave the superintendent the authority to require masking when 10% of buildings that have secondary schools in them have positive Covid cases. Overall, adults in other classrooms would not be required to wear masks.

Parents on both sides of the mask issue filled the Menomonee Falls School Board meeting. 

Superintendent Corey Golla said the policy about what to do with communicable diseases has been in place for some time. In the last two years, it's been altered due to Covid, and at this point, he told the board it's necessary to do so again.

Golla introduced a policy change that would affect masking staff and students in the classroom, but for a fixed period of time.

"We're not health experts so we're directed to follow the guidance from those experts," said Golla.

Menomonee Falls started the school year with recommended masking. Right now, schools in the Falls have 22 active Covid cases and 143 quarantines.

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