Meet the mastermind behind Brewers social media, viral Sandlot recreation

NOW: Meet the mastermind behind Brewers social media, viral Sandlot recreation

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Bob Uecker may be the voice of the Brewers on the airwaves. But online, that’s reserved for Caitlin Moyer.

Never heard of her? Sure you have! Moyer is the author and architect of the Brewers social media and almost 550,000 of you follow her on Twitter and over 250,000 on Instagram. Her biggest imprint yet has been the Brewers recreation of a scene from the Sandlot.

“I don’t use that term viral very loosely at all, but in this case, I will make an exception and I will say it did go viral. We knew what we had was great because the guys were so into it. The guys stuck around to get it right. I was so excited coming home that night coming home from that shoot knowing we had something special, but I didn’t expect the overwhelming response.”

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The Crew took on the task of recreating a childhood classic 25 years after its release.

“Steven Vogt two lockers down heard me say Sandlot. He said Sandlot, anything with Sandlot, I’m in. He said I want to be Ham! We said great, that’s what we had in mind as well.”

Next up, Christian Yelich before he made his debut as a Brewer at Miller Park, he was Benny Rodriguez on a Sandlot in Arizona.

“He was like what did I sign up for, but he ended up being a perfect Benny and the Jet and the dominoes fell from there.”

With a couple big hitters in place, the deal hinged on who could sport the coke bottle glasses and play Squints with Eric Sogard in the Clubhouse, that one was a no-brainer. 

“I had to send him a text, to ask him and, I kind of waited…little dot bubbles pop up on the phones and he’s like I’m in with the little nerd faced emojis.”

Moyer says while social media use to be scoffed at by pro athletes as a form self-promoting. Now, it’s just another aspect of the job. So much so that social media training is now a part of the Brewers spring training. Helping major and minor league players become a verified member of the digital world. This hashtag queen has found that some have that special touch.

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“Travis Shaw is really good on Twitter, but that’s the only platform he’s on. We are trying to get him on Instagram.”

When that day comes, maybe Shaw can get a few pointers from a couple lockers down.

“Christian Yelich is amazing on Instagram. He get’s a really high engagement on just some simple photos that he posts. So I’ve been asking him, Christian, what’s your secret?”

With social media training players have now taken the lead …..#NowWeGo is a hashtag being used this season by the Crew. It was created by Travis Shaw after Milwaukee acquired Lorenzo Cain and Christian Yelich.

“He was very excited and a lot of our players were on Twitter and he used hashtag now we go and I said, I like that we are stealing that.”

So pick your poison….pin, like, retweet, or hashtag. On the field and online, the Crew is here to stay.

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