Medical professionals from Wisconsin going to Irma path

NOW: Medical professionals from Wisconsin going to Irma path

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- While many are racing to get out of Florida others are rushing in. Six Wisconsin medical professionals are now boarded on their plane to Atlanta where they will wait until Hurricane Irma hits.

The group is from the Wisconsin Disaster Medical Assistance Team. In total, 23 Wisconsin team members have been deployed to help with Irma. The group will remain in Georgia training until they know where they are needed most.

Although they are all in the medical field they will provide any help that is needed including helping at shelters, handing out goods or locating people, "It is overwhelming. You know you try to think about it if this happened here I would want someone to come and help my family and we’re down there to do that for them. They’ve lost almost everything, they may not know where their loved ones are, their pets, they don’t have any shelter, they don’t have any medication and that’s where we step in," said Lisa Hass-Peters.

The group plans to help with recovery efforts for the next two to three weeks.

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