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Medical Examiner urging first responders to use naloxone on unresponsive children after another toddler overdose

The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner sent out a tweet Friday that shows the opioid crisis has now hit the child population.

"Due to increasing # of OD deaths of children, MCMEO recommends first responders consider administering Naloxone to unresponsive children."

Dr. Ricardo Colella, Medical Director Milwaukee County EMS System says he isn't surprised.

"I think this illustrates the crisis we're facing not only in the adult population but the pediatric population as well," Dr. Colella told CBS 58 News.

The Medical Examiner's recommendation coming on the same day the office confirmed a third death of the third child this year because of a pain killer overdose.

The update came more than a month since DeAnthony D. Lindsey,3, was pronounced dead at his home.

The 8th child to die to overdose in Milwaukee County in under two years.

"Naloxone is safe for adults and pediatric patients," Dr Colella tells CBS 58 News. "We have dosing strategies for children as well."

Naloxone, also known under the brand name Narcan, can reverse the effects of a drug overdose within minutes.

It is the only drugs that can do that.

In 2015, Wisconsin passed a law allowing pharmacists to provide Narcan without a prescription.

CBS 58 News did its own investigation and found that it was hit or miss when it comes to actually finding it on drug store shelves.

The price has also spiked.

It's gone from $11 to $30 a dose because of demand.

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