MCTS seeks feedback through open houses

NOW: MCTS seeks feedback through open houses

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- MCTS wants your feedback on a way they're hoping to improve county transit.

On Thursday, they held one of three open houses highlighting their recommended plan for what they're calling 'MCTS Next.'

It's the first review of the transit system done in decades.

People with MCTS say they're using the review to provide more route connections, more accessibility, and to cut down on wait times.

"Low frequency means anywhere above 15 minutes, so most of our routes run on 40/60 right now, so kind of the opposite," said Matt Sliker with MCTS. "Most of our buses come 20/30 minutes apart, but the goal is to have as many high frequency routes as possible where our buses would come 15 minutes our better."

The recommended plan will be presented to the Milwaukee County Board.

"For a few weeks we're going to accept public feedback about this map and then we'll make our final revisions and then turn that in for possible approval to the Milwaukee County Board," Sliker said.

MCTS will host two more open houses next week.

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