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MCTS driver cared for baby before mother arrested, 4-year-old left behind in van

NOW: MCTS driver cared for baby before mother arrested, 4-year-old left behind in van


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Monday night, a Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus was flagged down by a woman in a van on Forest Home Avenue near 39th Street.

Friday, Brendan Conway, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer with MCTS, shared what the bus driver said happened that night.

“She noticed a minivan that was parked on the side of the road, with just a hand stuck out kind of waving,” Conway said. “The woman in the driver seat told he my cousin needs help, is passed out.”

Conway says the bus driver noticed a woman in the front passenger seat unconscious and holding a baby. The other woman told the bus driver their car had run out of gas.

“She said it was her cousin wasn’t waking up and was passed out,” Conway said. “She implied she had something to drink, or something else.”

The bus driver pulled over and called bus dispatch who called police. The baby was then brought onto the bus and the bus driver took care of the infant.

“She was just wearing pajamas, so our driver kind of wrapped her up in her coat and kept her warm,” Conway said.

MCTS says there was never any mention of a four-year-old also in the car, who ended up getting left behind in the van and towed to the City’s Tow Lot where she spent the night alone.

“She was totally shocked to hear there that there was a four-year-old,” Conway said. “Like a lot of people, she was kind of surprised about this whole incident.”

The bus did record video of this whole situation, but that video has been handed over to police.


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