MCTS, Bublr Bikes team up for Buslr card

MILWAUKEE COUNTY (CBS 58) – There’s a new, easier way to use public transportation in Milwaukee County.

MCTS and Bublr bikes are teaming up for a “Buslr” card. It’s a Bublr sticker that goes on the back of an MCTS bus card. County Executive Chris Abele says many bus stops are near Bublr stations, so it’s an easy way to use both forms of transportation.

“Through partnership, the county and Bublr are making your life easier, more convenient, and we’re coordinating in a way that allows more values for users, for both users of Bublr and the users of transit,” says Abele.

Milwaukee is one of two cities in the country to use this type of program. The Buslr card costs $80 and can be purchased on Bublr’s website.

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