McDonald's giving activity trackers with Happy Meals

(CNN) - McDonald’s, who has been criticized for using its kids toys to incentivize parents and children to eat more unhealthy fast food, released a new fitness tracker called "Step-it."

As one of the main Olympic sponsors, they want to encourage young viewers to be active every day.

The tracker blinks at different speeds depending on the child's physical activity.

Each Happy Meal in the U.S. and Canada will include one of the six different wrist-worn pedometers.

Mcdonald's says the toy will be available for four weeks.

Meanwhile, CNN affiliate KFVS is reporting that one mother from Arkansas says her 4-year-old son had a burn mark from wearing the tracker.

She's in contact with the McDonald’s safety lab.

A company spokesperson told KFVS in a statement "McDonald's Happy Meal toys, including the Step-it Activity Bands, undergo extensive review and testing by independent safety laboratories and we remain committed to providing our youngest guests with safe and fun Happy Meal toys."

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