Mayville Man Arrested for OWI, Released, then Arrested Again

A 37 year-old rural Mayville man was arrested by Hartford Police during the late evening hours on Friday for OWI 2nd (drug related) after he was found passed out in the McDonald’s lot in his vehicle in the City of Hartford.  

The subject refused a chemical test, was given two rounds of Narcan and then released five hours later after medical clearance at Aurora Medical Center.

A search warrant was obtained for the subject's blood after Hartford Police Officers met with a Circuit Court Judge.

After the investigation, the subject was medically cleared and Hartford Police released the subject to himself.  At that time he was walking and talking and showed no signs of impairment.  

Two hours later, the subject was found passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle with engine running and foot on brake on Hilldale Rd and Badger Rd in the Town of Hartford.  The subject was very confused and talked about how he had gone to friend’s house but would not say where or with whom.  He was then arrested again, this time by the Sheriff's Office, where he again refused a chemical test.  

A second search warrant was obtained from the same Circuit Court Judge that Hartford Police met with less than 12 hours earlier.

We spoke with the medical professionals at Aurora Medical Center and were advised that the Narcan administered to him would have counter-acted the subject's high in minutes and at the end of the 3.5 hour observation period at AMC he was medically cleared showing no signs of impairment before having contact with the Sheriff's Office.  

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