Mayoral Candidates Square Off and Get Personal in Second Debate

Mayor Tom Barrett and Alderman Bob Donovan squared off in their second mayoral debate today at the University Club downtown.

The pair touched on a number of topics including crime in the city and the street car, which Alderman Donovan has strongly opposed.

But a heated exchange between the candidates came when Mayor Barrett brought up race relations in the city.

Barrett read from a press release from Alderman Donovan where he criticized the quote "Deteriorating African American Culture."

"Our city is 40% African American, I'm not going to blame our problems on the African American culture. That's wrong,” said Barrett.

 "Talk to anyone who knows me I am not a racist I am passionate I fight for my constituents I am not a racist for me to even have to defend myself sickens me," said Donovan

Donovan touted his plan for increasing public safety while the mayor says he hopes to focus on new city development.

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