Mayoral candidates participate in televised debate at Marquette University

NOW: Mayoral candidates participate in televised debate at Marquette University

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Both of Milwaukee's mayoral candidates took part in a televised debate inside Varsity Theater at Marquette University. 

Acting Mayor Cavalier Johnson and Former Alderman Bob Donovan took to the stage to debate regarding a number of growing issues in the city of Milwaukee. Each of them, making their plea to the public on why they should be the next mayor. 

The candidates were questioned about pressing issues in the city. The largest being crime and public safety. This came just hours after Milwaukee police revealed the investigation of a triple homicide near 54th and Mill Road. 

"Three people were senselessly killed in our city. Enough of that, it's too much and we need a change in our city to stop things like that from happening and that's what I'll be doing," said Johnson. 

"We need to work with our District Attorney and our judges to begin that process of holding people accountable for their crimes," said Donovan.

The candidates also spoke about reckless driving, something they feel support for that police could solve.  

"A strict enforcement. We need additional help to get that enforcement done. I believe we need to reach out to the state and the county for that kind of help," said Donovan. 

"The American Rescue Plan Act, use those dollars to bring those officers in to boost our clearance rates when we see homicides and things like that happen in our community," said Johnson. 

Johnson and Donovan also addressed education, unemployment rates and what kind of mayor they would be. 

"If you want something done, call Bob Donovan. I work very hard to represent my constituents and as mayor I'll represent all of us," said Donovan. 

"I want to be a mayor that lifts this city up. I want to make this city stronger, and more prosperous for everybody," said Johnson. 

Donovan raised some eyebrows with a campaign promise regarding Milwaukee's lead problem. Currently, Milwaukee is on a 70-year track to replace all lead laterals. Donovan stated he could get the job done in ten years, utilizing city dollars, not just federal money to speed up the process. 

Johnson had the opportunity to speak with the media after the event but declined for an unknown reason. Election Day is on Tuesday, April 5. 

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