Mayor Barrett speaks on Milwaukee financing a new Bucks arena

Mayor Tom Barrett is sticking to his guns on the city of Milwaukee to help pay for a new bucks arena.

The mayor says he's on board with the city and county putting in 50 million dollars.

In January, Governor Scott Walker announced a plan to contribute 220 million in state bonding.

The money would come from higher taxes paid by players once the NBA signs a new TV contract.

However, state leaders have argued the debt repayment would be too high.

\"There has been conversation whether the State will continue with the 220 million dollars”, said Mayor Barrett. “I'm hopeful and optimistic the State will continue to be the player it has been in this. But I think what we're going to see is a lot of jocking back and forth.\"

Senate majority leader Scott Fitzgerald proposed a plan this week to put 150 million towards a new arena.

But that's 70 million short of the governor's idea.

A new Bucks arena is expected to cost at least 500 million.

The Bucks former and current owners have promised to contribute 250 million of the cost.

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