Mayor Barrett responds to Supt. Thornton's decision to leave MPS

Milwaukee-- Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett says he's sorry but not shocked that Dr. Gregory Thornton has decided to leave MPS to become CEO of public schools in Baltimore.   Barrett says he looks forward to helping the MPS Board choose Thornton's successor. 

\"Of course as Mayor, it's imperative that I'm involved in choosing the next superintendent, that I have some input there,\" Barrett said.


The Mayor says he worked closely with Dr. Thornton on a number of projects including Journey House and  the schools facilities plan.

\"We have to have a situation where the Mayor and the Superintendent work closely together because the future of the city is directly intertwined with the future of the Milwaukee Public Schools, and the future of the Milwaukee Public Schools is directly intertwined with the future of the City of Milwaukee.\"

While Barrett wants a role in choosing the next MPS boss, it's unlikely he'll resurrect a mayoral takeover attempt  that failed five years ago.  It would have given Milwaukee's mayor control of MPS including choosing the superintendent.

\"I think it's a critical time for the Milwaukee Public Schools there's no question about that.  Last time I advanced this notion there was no support  from anyone on the republican side whatsoever, so I don't know if there would be any support now.\" 

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