Mayfair Mall shooting victim speaks out after arrests, mental health doctor offers free help

NOW: Mayfair Mall shooting victim speaks out after arrests, mental health doctor offers free help


WAUWATOSA, Wis. (CBS 58) - Police now have three people in custody after Friday’s mass shooting at Mayfair Mall, the incident left eight people injured. CBS 58  is also hearing from a victim of the shooting and professionals who are offering free help.

The 15-year-old shooting suspect was arrested during a traffic stop in Milwaukee, but Wauwatosa police revealed two more arrests were made in connection, including a person believed to be involved and another who was a passenger in the car.

“I got two shots on my right leg,” said Ikram Arshad, Mayfair Mall shooting victim.

Ikram Arshad was one of eight people shot inside the mall, he was working by Macy’s.

Police say the gun used in the shooting was found inside the car the suspect was in, and they don’t know if the shooting was gang-related.

Arshad says it all happened quickly.

“Really fast, yeah it was really fast, it took like a couple minutes,” said Arshad.  

Arshad also saw other people get shot.

"The girl got two shots on her leg also, on her feet and the other boy who was standing next to me, he got shot on his head,” he added.

The shooting isn’t just weighing heavy on victims, it’s traumatizing for many others like Ramsha Mughal.

“I couldn’t find my sister—the panic—it was so traumatizing,” said Mughal who was working, and was with her 11-year old sister.

“The fact that you did all of this without even thinking the consequences and a lot of people suffered from it,” she adds.

The Multicultural Trauma and Addiction Treatment Center of Wisconsin across the street from Mayfair Mall is now offering free services to people affected by the shooting.

“Many times individuals are confronted with anxiety, despair, feelings of hopelessness and I don’t want the issue of not having insurance to stop you,” said Dr. Maria Amarante, Multicultural Trauma & Addiction Treatment Center of Wisconsin.

Police say now there will be more of a presence at Mayfair Mall and added patrols during increased holiday shopping.

In a statement, the Mayfair Mall says in part:

“Our team has been working around the clock to ensure we are providing an environment where our tenants and guests can once again feel comfortable. This is our primary focus.”

Arshad says he’s glad to hear the suspect has been arrested.

“Yeah we feel better because all my employees and other people, they’re scared to going over there,” he says.

“The sooner that you process these thoughts and the sooner that you talk about the things that you and your loved ones experienced then it will help you become resilient,” says Dr. Amarante.

The 15-year old shooting suspect is expected to have a hearing Tuesday or Wednesday at Milwaukee County Children’s Court, because of his age police are not releasing his name.

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