MATC unveils new hands-on automotive lab

NOW: MATC unveils new hands-on automotive lab

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee Area Technical College has unveiled the new Al Hurvis Peak Transportation Center. 

It's a hands on automotive lab dedicated to training students in the increasingly high-tech automotive servicing sector.

The new center is designed to offer training opportunities for students of all ages, with special programs to help give high school and middle school students early exposure to careers in the field. 

"We just provide the bridge between the knowledge of these inner city youth and their parents, that gee, if I go to MATC for anywhere from six months to two years, I could get a job in the automotive industry, which I like cars anyway, that can pay me anywhere from 50,000 to $150,000," said Tom Hurvis of Peak Automotive Products.

The center will be the hub for the college's "RevUp" program. It'll be housed at MATC's downtown campus.

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