MATC Ethnic Festival

MILWAUKEE-A colorful celebration Wednesday of Milwaukee ethnic diversity.

MATC'S \"English as a second language\" program held its annual flag parade through several buildings at the downtown campus.

This was about so much more, many of the students and visitors had elaborate costumes representing some 50 different countries.

It's the highlight of MATC's Ethnic Festival which is a way to help students with international backgrounds connect with each other.

\"I think normally ESL students tend to feel a little isolated,\"  Chairperson Rosa Zamora told CBS 58 News, \"They're running to school, going back to work, taking care of the family responsibilities, and this gives them a chance to shine and to meet each other and to meet people throughout the school so it's very exciting for us.\"

The festival continues through the end of the week and is free and open to the public.



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