Martellus Bennett makes little girl's dream come true

NOW: Martellus Bennett makes little girl’s dream come true


What do a diehard Vikings fan and Packers tight end Martellus Bennett have in common? They’re both dads.

It turns out Bennett has a soft spot for young Packers fans.

“When we saw his tweet, I was like I’ve had this guy on fantasy football before. This is big name player. He’s a Super Bowl champion he was just with the Patriots,” says Jim Love.

Despite his Minnesota loyalty, Jim’s 5-year-old daughter Evelyn loves the Packers just like her mom. So when their flight from New York to Milwaukee was cancelled because of weather last week, she was heartbroken she’d have to miss family night.

In a last ditch effort to find some way to make it up to his little girl, Jim tweeted the Packers explaining his situation.

Bennett not only retweeted the request, he invited Evelyn to practice.

“We’re really, really grateful. It’s just unbelievable the goodwill that’s out in the world. We’ve been so humbled by the generosity we’ve seen." says Love.

Bennett responded after the whole situation via Twitter and said he was happy to help make her dream come true – on one request though. He said Jim has to wear a Packers jersey to a Vikings game.

Jim says he’ll wear the jersey all season thanks to the kind gesture.

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