Marquette Law School Poll shows President Trump's approval rating has not changed

NOW: Marquette Law School Poll shows President Trump’s approval rating has not changed

President Donald Trump’s approval rating in Wisconsin sits at 41 percent according to a new poll from the Marquette University Law School.

The same poll also showed 51 percent of people surveyed disapprove of President Trump’s job performance.

The poll identified a deep partisan divide when it comes to President Trump. 95 percent of people who called themselves Democrats said they disapprove of Trump, while 85% of Republicans said they approve.

Poll director Charles Franklin said, "Republicans in the state had doubts about Trump during much of the fall campaign in our polling, they have mostly come home to him, but there's still that last 15 percent or so that say they have reservations or say they don't know about him."

The poll also showed Governor Scott Walker’s approval rating is at its highest mark since October, 2014. 48 percent of people surveyed said they approve of Walker’s job performance, while 48 percent said they disapprove.

Congressman Paul Ryan, the Speaker of the House, has a 44% favorable rating, and 44% unfavorable rating. Franklin said, “This is the worst he's [Ryan] done in our polling in quite a while."

The poll also showed Senator Ron Johnson with a 39 percent favorable, and 32 percent unfavorable rating.

Senator Tammy Baldwin has a 38 percent favorable, and 38 percent unfavorable rating.

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