Marcus transitions Franklin theatre to Showtime Value Cinema

Marcus Theatres has made plenty of improvements to local movie theaters the past few months including adding DreamLoungers to every auditorium at North Shore Cinema in Mequon and Ridge Cinema in new Berlin and opening the new BistroPlex in Greendale. In addition the company's Franklin theatre has been transitioned to Showtime Value Cinema.

The transition in Franklin means that movies there will no longer by first-run but rather value prices of already released movie. Showtime Value Cinema offers movies as they become available for $2.50, with a special Tuesday admission of $1.50. Traditional concessions including soda, popcorn, candy and other popular movie theatre snacks will continue to be offered at regular/existing prices.

“With a number of properties in the vicinity, Marcus Theatres is uniquely positioned to offer a variety of choices for guests,” added Rodriguez.

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