Marcus Theatres celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with several movies

NOW: Marcus Theatres celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month with several movies

MILWAUKEE (CBS58) -- Marcus Theatres is celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with the movies In The Heights, Vivo and Selena. Admission is $5. 

According to Rolando Rodriguez, CEO and president of Marcus Theatres, one in four consumers that walks into the movie theatre is Hispanic. 

"It's important to make sure that it's reflected on the screen and that we're also telling the great stories through Hispanic eyes," Rodriguez said. 

The creator of "In The Heights" is Lin-Manuel Miranda who also created "Hamilton" and directed "Crazy Rich Asians." 

"It shows the music, the excitement, the fun of our culture and that was a wonderful movie, and if they haven't had a chance to see it, it's an absolute great piece of work," Rodriguez said. 

Vivo is an animated musical adventure that follows Vivo, a kinkajou, as he tries to deliver a son to his owner's long lost love. 

"You know Vivo, well you're now bringing a family movie, and that's a lot of what we're about in our culture is making sure that we're making those connections and recognize that it's part of our heritage, and what we're all about is families," Rodriguez said. 

The movie Selena is based on the true story of Selena Quintanilla Perez. 

"It really kicked off the recognition and knowledge of the importance of the Hispanic community and what we would do as consumers, but a great artist that is being recognized on the big screen".

Click here to learn more about the Hispanic Heritage Month movies. 

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