March of Dimes helps family step forward after losing three children

WHITEFISH BAY -- They lost three children.  In a span of just a few years.  It would break most couples.  But the mcgraws aren't most couples.  They rely on family, faith, and the March of Dimes to keep memories of their children alive and well.

\"Devastated. Earth-shattering,\"  Jennifer McGraw describing the losses.

It's a nightmare to hear it.  But more of one for the McGraw's.

\"Felt like we were in a nightmare. It was excruciating. People were telling me how beautiful my baby was and I couldn't see him, I couldn't hold him.  It was awful.\"

Three children taken from a young family so fast.  One with a misscarriage several years ago.  Two more to a genetic issue doctors couldn't pinpoint.

\"It's only human to be frustrated and angry and ask why,\" Patrick McGraw said.  \"Have that feeling of it's not fair...that's just normal.\"

Dylan is the middle child.  He lived for two months. 

\"We both heard him cry,\" Patrick said.

He spent those two months intibated and on oxygen.  About a year after Dylan passed...They tried again.  This time Noah was forming, but he was too similar to his big brother.  The doctors delivered the bad news just 16 weeks in.

\"They confirmed that we would be dealing with the same nightmare we did with Dylan,\" Jennifer explained.

He joined his two siblings soon after.

\"The dreams of running in the yard, playing catch,  and all that,\" Patrick said.

Those were gone....again.

Most would struggle to move forward...But the McGraw's feel committed to their kids.

\"We knew we needed to do something,\" Jennifer said.  \"We wanted to give back in a sense and kind of help other families that were going through the same thing, going through anything.\"

That's why they're devoted to Dylan. That's the team name for the March of Dimes walk.  March of Dimes helped them during hospital stays.  Now they have people walking in his honor all across the country.

Saturday's walk in Milwaukee will take steps to help others deal with similar pregnancy problems. 

\"We feel like we keep their memories alive and their honor by doing all these good things in their names.\"

The March of Dimes walk is set for Saturday, April 26 in Milwaukee at O'Donnell Park.


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