Marchers walk nearly 40 miles, from Kenosha to Milwaukee, to rally voters

NOW: Marchers walk nearly 40 miles, from Kenosha to Milwaukee, to rally voters

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) --- After more than twelve hours of marching, demonstrators made their way from Kenosha to Milwaukee Tuesday, Oct. 20.

They large group traveled nearly 40 miles and ended their journey at Red Arrow Park, in Milwaukee.

“I feel energized. I feel like we have a crowd here that’s ready to make change and we’re here for it," Kenosha resident Olivia Crudup said.

Organizers say they are trying to call attention to injustices and that one of their big goals is to highlight the importance of voting, stating voting early can be the change they want to see. 

“The biggest stick people who are minorities and people in poverty can bring to people who marginalize you, the biggest stick they can bring to the battle is voting," Justin Blake, Jacob Blake's uncle, said. "Because at that point everybody’s equal cause you only get one.”

Organizers say heading to the polls this year is crucial. 

"We know Kenosha is a battleground, well Wisconsin, but Kenosha specific," Tanya McLean, executive director of Leaders of Kenosha, said. "We need people to get out there and vote. It's important. There's a lot riding on this election especially for Black and Brown people. It's important that people perform their civic duties and get out here and vote. It's crucial."

Marchers also called for the indictment of Kenosha officer Rusten Sheskey who shot Blake in August.

“I want all the elected officials to know the Blake family’s coming after them," said Justin Blake.

The event ended with a brief reception and encouraging words from local leaders.

It was a moment many say they would do again.

“I’d march with any of these people again," McLean said. "This is my family, my community and I stand with them."

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