Manfred: Trump Should Not Impact MLB International Plans

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred does not think Donald Trump's election as president will slow the sport's plans to stage more events in Latin America.

Expanding international play has been one of Manfred's goals since becoming commissioner last year. San Diego and Houston played a two-game spring training series in Mexico City, where the sport opened an office last March and which Manfred has discussed as a possible expansion site. Tampa Bay played Cuba's national team in Havana on March 22, the first visit to the island by a big league baseball team since 1999.

Speaking Wednesday at the annual general managers meeting, Manfred said he hasn't heard "anything with respect to the Cuba issue that would suggest that there's going to be any change."

He added: "I think we're all familiar with things he said about Mexico. I think we need to wait and see what actually happens."

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