Mandela Barnes and Senator Johnson start campaigning in Southeast Wisconsin

NOW: Mandela Barnes and Senator Johnson start campaigning in Southeast Wisconsin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The race is on for the Wisconsin Senate seat that could help determine which party has control of the Senate.

Senator Ron Johnson and Mandela Barnes are here in Southeast Wisconsin Saturday, Aug. 13, kicking off their campaigns, both with very different visions for the future of America.

"Compare the resumes the two people running for US Senate, there's no comparison," said Sen. Johnson.

Senator Johnson met with supporters at their new campaign office in Franklin this morning, touting his experience in manufacturing and as Senator.

When asked about the FBI raid on former President Trump's residence at Mar-a-Lago, he was quick to call it federal government overreach, but says more info needs to come out.

"This is probably legitimate dispute between a former president and bureaucrats who just might want documents that might prove embarrassing to them. I'm highly suspicious of the corruption involved in this raid," said Sen. Johnson.

The senator focused on fentanyl, gender concerns and election integrity while talking with supporters.

"The 40-year high inflation, record gas prices, rising crime, open borders, flood of illegal immigrants, flooding deadly drugs," said Sen. Johnson.

Later, Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes met with local Black leaders in Milwaukee.

"This is a person who says a lot of crazy things as we know, the fact is what he's doing in Washington is no joke, he wants to further the division," said Barnes talking about Johnson.

He also criticized Johnson's bragging on his experience in manufacturing.

"People can't just go get a job," said Barnes. "Like they used to be able to walk in one day and walk out 35 years later with a pension."

Barnes focused on calling for more household-supporting union jobs for families, going after inflation, and protecting voting rights.

"Democracy is quite literally on the election. Freedom is on the line with this election, fairness is on the line with this election," said Barnes,

Former President Trump endorsed Senator Johnson for re-election. Several progressive Democratic lawmakers have given their endorsement to Mandela Barnes.

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