"Literally scared to death:" Kenosha man dies during armed robbery at Madison-area Culver's

NOW: “Literally scared to death:“ Kenosha man dies during armed robbery at Madison-area Culver’s

A Kenosha man is dead following an armed robbery at a Culver's restaurant in Madison.

"You have an instance where the victim was literally scared to death."

56-year-old Christ Kneubuehl was working on a remodeling project at the restaurant around 3 a.m. on Tuesday when two armed and masked robbers entered the Culver's Restaurant.

They held Kneubuehl and the other workers at gunpoint.

Kneubuehl suffered a life-threatening medical incident and the robbers did not call 911 or let anyone else call 911.

"They allowed the man to languish and subsequently to die while they handed themselves the greater priority of dipping into the safe and getting their filthy lucre, or what I call 'blood money.' It's nothing short of blood money. And then left."

Chief Michael Koval says Kneubuehl apparently had a heart attack but the medical examiner says the cause of death is pending. 

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