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Waterford man tied to a chair, beaten, and stabbed after allegedly selling tickets outside of Summerfest

Racine County authorities are still looking for suspects after a Waterford man was tied to a chair, beaten, and stabbed early Wednesday morning.

Investigators say he may have been followed home after he finished selling tickets outside of Summerfest.

Many people who scalp tickets just off Henry Maier Festival Park property say the victim is extremely well-known.

Bob Okpara, who sells sunglasses outside of an entrance, says the victim has been selling tickets independently for different festivals for more than 30 years.

"Me and him have been here for decades. He normally show up 9:30-10 a.m. - I didn't see him," Okpara said, explain his concern. He had no idea there had been an issue last night.

"These guys may not even know him or his house. But they know that he has money from selling tickets," Okpara said.

According to a press release, at 12:30 a.m. Racine County authorities responded to Elm Island Drive in Waterford. A woman had found an elderly neighbor - stabbed and beaten - laid out on the road.

The victim told investigators that two men had followed him home 40 minutes from Milwaukee and attacked him, tying him to a chair before pistol-whipping him and taking his money.

People who know the victim say the news is a lot to take in.

"He had been robbed many times here in the street," Okpara said.

"He actually carries too much on him at time, you know? And I've actually tried to tell him that he needs to have some kind of a friend come down," David Robertson, who sells hotdogs outside the grounds, said.

"We have too many scalpers around here. Too many folks around here who - they've actually been mad at him because he sells more tickets. I'm not surprised," Robertson said.

Flight for Life took the victim to Froedtert Memorial Hospital. No word on his condition but he was conscious when authorities found him Wednesday morning.

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