Man tells Waukesha Police he's 'very proud' of himself for scamming elderly victim out of money

WAUKESHA, Wis. (CBS 58) -- An elderly woman fell victim to a scammer claiming to be from the social security office.

According to the Waukesha Police reports, the woman was contacted by someone who advised her something about money laundering in El Paso, Texas and that she owed money or she would be arrested.

The woman went to Best Buy, purchased $2,000 in gift cards, and called the man back to give him the numbers on the back of the cards.

On Saturday, the man called the woman back and asked her to do the same thing with gift cards from Kwik Trip.

When the woman tried to purchase the gift cards at Kwik Trip, they recognized the scam and questioned her. Kwik Trip was able to take back the gift cards and refund the money that was on them.

Waukesha Police called the number that the scammer called from. The man who answered the phone said he was in Pakistan and the reason he called the victim was because he wanted to scam an elderly woman out of money. He also allegedly told police that he was very proud of himself for his success.

Police attempted to contact Best Buy to see if a stop could be placed on the gift cards.

The investigation remains ongoing. 

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