'He was all bloody': Man falls off balcony at Marcus Center

’He was all bloody’: Man falls off balcony at Marcus Center

MILWAUKEE, WI (CBS 58) -- A 48-year-old man is in the hospital after he fell off a balcony at the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts Friday night during the annual Young Milwaukee Holiday Gala. 

Natasha Lindow was on the first floor of the Marcus Center getting ready to leave when she heard the man fall.    

"We heard this really loud thud. And, it startled us because it was so loud we turn around and we see this man lying on the floor, all bent up, all bloody," Lindow said. 

Lindow said the man fell off the second-story balcony. After she saw him on the ground, her group of friends went to his side. One friend is a nurse and started doing CPR when she couldn't feel his pulse. 

"He was all bloody," Lindow said. "He had blood coming out of all of his orifices and his legs were bent so obviously they were broken." 

As of Saturday morning, police say the man was in stable condition at a local hospital. 

People at the gala were on both the first and second floors. At the time, most didn't know that a tragedy had happened. Telemundo Wisconsin's Nayeli Santoyo was at the charitable event Friday night. 

"The DJ stopped and he was like it's over,"  Santoyo said. "Then they turned the lights on and everyone's mad saying what's going on, everyone's confused trying to leave the place." 

The gala ended early and security asked people to leave. 

"It was kind of like chaos a little bit trying to leave this huge place," Santoyo said.

Lindow said it was a frightening situation for everyone around the man who fell. 

"Everyone was screaming and crying," Lindow said. "It was really dramatic. 

Milwaukee Police are investigating the incident. 

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