Man steals ambulance, takes a 100 mile joyride before crashing, steals second car

The dash cam video starts inside a Superior ambulance as it's speeding down the highway I-43 northbound near Port Washington close to a semi truck. By this point police reports say 23-year-old Michael Buckner had already busted out of his restraints in Chicago as he was being taken from one hospital facility to another, he then stole the van when the driver stepped out for a moment.

Inside the ambulance we see Buckner seemingly fighting sleep as he drove until he suddenly loses control. The van tips over and items slam into the window. Buckner is visibly frightened but able to jump out of the door once the vehicle comes to a rest on its side.

A passerby notices the wreck on the side of the road and offers to take Buckner to the hospital. That's when sheriff's deputies say the Good Samaritan noticed things were strange, stepped out of the car to call police. Buckner then stole that car, driving until police caught him.

Buckner is now at a secure medical facility awaiting extradition to Illinois.

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