Man Speaks Out After Being Carjacked by Suspect in Custody for City Worker's Murder

NOW: Man Speaks Out After Being Carjacked by Suspect in Custody for City Worker’s Murder

MILWAUKEE - Greg Zyszkiewicz was shot on the job five days ago.

Investigators say the accused men were trying to steal his car and this was not their first run in with the law.

One of the suspects is already accused in a separate carjacking.

At just 17-years-old, Qhualun Shaw faces felony murder, armed robbery, and bail jumping. His criminal record didn't start there. In fact, he was already supposed to be in court a few days from now. He was accused of driving a man's Lexus that someone stole right from his driveway.

"I started my car in the morning, I ran back in for a minute, came back and my car was gone." Ryan Povlick got his car back a few hours later. The day police say Greg Zyskiewicz was found murdered. Eric Smiley led Qhualun Shaw and Deshaun Scott on a crime spree that started in a stolen Toyota.

"He spends the day in stolen cars he starts the day in the Toyota, he's the gunman who carjacked a woman at the gas station. Not long after that his buddy gets out and ends up killing the man because they want this car."

According to the criminal complaint, the men now had two stolen cars and wanted a third. Shaw and Scott rode by and saw Greg Zyskiewicz's Mustang.

They tried to rob him but when Ziggy reached for them, Scott shot him in the head. All of this happened just a few weeks after Povlicks car was stolen. He say's he's not worried but will be more vigilant.

"When you're caught up in that lifestyle, anything can happen."

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