Man shot by Milwaukee police at Children's Hospital moved to Milwaukee County Jail

WAUWATOSA -- 22-year-old Ashanti Hendricks, the man involved in yesterday's shooting at Children's Hospital, has been moved to the Milwaukee County Jail.

Milwaukee police shot Hendricks at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin while trying to arrest him around 11:57 a.m.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says a woman called Milwaukee Police and told them Hendricks was at Children's Hospital. She informed police Hendricks has a warrant out for his arrest and he may be armed. We're told the warrant was for felony possession of a firearm. Chief Flynn says he doesn't know who the woman is, and her motivations for calling police.

According to Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke, Milwaukee police officers tried to arrest Hendricks who was on the hospital's seventh floor in the neo-natal unit. This unit of the hospital cared for premature babies. 

Sheriff Clarke says the suspect was holding a baby when MPD officers found Hendricks. Officers notified him he was being arrested. Hendricks put down the baby, and initially gave the impression he'd be cooperative. Chief Flynn could not confirm the nature of the relationship between Hendricks and the infant he was holding when officers found him.

Chief Flynn says that Hendricks escalated the encounter by running away from both Milwaukee police officers dispatched to the hospital. We're told the Hendricks pointed his .40 caliber glock at the officers a couple times while running away. Chief Flynn says his officers fired shots and wounded the same arm he used to hold up the gun. 

Hendricks continued his attempt to escape from police officers after being shot in the arm. After a short struggle officers were able to get Hendricks handcuffed.


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