Man shot by Kenosha Police on June 11 charged

The man shot by a Kenosha Police Officer on Sunday, June 11 has been charged with intentionally pointing firearm at law enforcement officer, obstructing an officer and misdemeanor bail jumping. 

According to the criminal complaint, on June 11 at 6:34 PM Kenosha Police Officers responded to the area of 52nd Street and 39th Avenue in Kenosha for an altercation between a group of individuals. One of those men, 19-year-old Cory Cooper, was running away from police with a gun in his hand when Officer Wicketts chased him.

While the Kenosha Police Officer chased Cooper around a home he saw the suspect turn his head and torso and lifted his arm pointing a gun at the police officer. Officer Wicketts told investigators he feared for his life and at 6:38 PM a shots fired call was radioed out. 

Additional officers found a Smith & Wesson gun in the grass behind the house with markings that indicated it was thrown and rolled through the grass. 

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