"I think, I think he was scared:" Family reacts after Kenosha officer-involved shooting

NOW: “I think, I think he was scared:“ Family reacts after Kenosha officer-involved shooting

It was a call for a threat and a Kenosha Police Officer ended up shooting a man near 48th Avenue and 38th Street yesterday.

Now, the DOJ is investigating.

We do know the young man shot is okay, recovering in the hospital this evening.

His family was able to speak with him today and those same family members say they witnessed the entire incident. 

"He was laying there. He was yelling, 'Man cuz. They hit me,'" said Shawntrell Hayes, cousin of the victim.

Kenny Gates and Shawntrell Hayes are finally home, but missing a piece of their family.

"When they put him on the stretcher, he just gave us his hand, told us he was good," said Hayes.

The two say they saw the whole shooting and were questioned until 4 a.m. by police. Telling us, their 19-year-old cousin, Cory Cooper, was shot by police.

"I start seeing a lot of police coming around, it was just crazy."

They say it started when a squad car drove over the curb right up to their front door.

"Cory jumped over the hood. If he wouldn't have jumped over the hood, police would have ran my homie over," said a friend of the victim, Kenny Gates.

"When he ran, he ran to the back of the crib. That's when we started hearing the shots. He ain't have no gun on him. We was with him all day. He ain't had no gun. He had nothing on him," said Hayes.

Police say they went there to investigate a man making threats with a gun. Family members say police went after the wrong guy and say even though he ran, he was harmless.

"I think. I think he was scared. The police hit him with the car," said Gates.

CBS 58 has reached out to the Wisconsin DOJ who is investigating this officer-involved shooting. They have not confirmed that the suspect and victim, in this case, is Cory Cooper.

They do tell us the officer involved is on paid administrative leave. 

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