Man shoplifting baby items inspires diaper and baby wipes drive at Pewaukee Police Station

WAUKESHA COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- There was a special effort on Saturday in Waukesha County to make sure that young parents have the baby supplies that they need.

The Pewaukee Police Department held a diaper and baby wipes drive at the station.

A sergeant with the department explained how he came up with the idea for the diaper drive after arresting a man for shoplifting items that he said he needed for his kids.

"I just kinda felt for the guy. If I can help the guy out, maybe he's not in the situation again or anyone else who has a need for diapers, wipes, and formula," said Pewaukee Police Sergeant Lucas Twelmyer.

When we talked to the Sergeant on Saturday afternoon, they had already collected more than 5,000 diapers and $4,000 in cash. 

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