Man says "dumb criminals" were caught on camera in the act

MILWAUKEE -- The owner of Tico's Parts on 23rd and Greenfield is asking for the public's help in finding the men who burglarized his store.

Surveillance video shows the burglars aren't very tech savvy after one of the burglars pulled the wrong cord while attempting to cut off the camera. Surveillance cameras got a good look at burglars who thought they weren't being monitored. A man with a goatee and ponytail looks straight into the surveillance camera while another burglar covers his face.

Owner Jameson Picado is determined to catch the burglars who got away with $8,000 in merchandise. Picado has the last laugh after burglars leave their recorded image for others to identify. \"I think they thought it was a web camera, so they unplugged it and the camera just kept on rolling,\" said Picado.

Picado believes the burglars are scrappers, because they left expensive items behind while stealing copper.

Until the burglars are caught, people passing Picado's store will see pictures of the men who burglarized his business.

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