Man Gets 10 Days In Jail For Drunken Crash That Killed Cyclist

CHICAGO (CBS CHICAGO) —  There has been some outrage after a Cook County judge sentenced a Park Ridge man to only 10 days in jail and four years of probation.

Ryne San Hamel, 32, pleaded guilty to aggravated D-U-I and reckless homicide in the 2013 death of bicyclist Robert Cann.

Prosecutors asked for at least three years in prison for Hamel, who was driving near Lincoln Park almost four years ago when he struck and killed the bicyclist.

Kent College Law Professor Richard Kling said the sentence seems low, but there are other aspects of the case people should consider, including the cyclist reportedly running a red light.

“If this were a lawsuit where the family of the bicyclist were suing the defendant, one of the things that would take in a civil case is the relative responsibility and the comparative responsibility of each one of them,” he said.

Prosecutors said defendant Hamel had a blood alcohol level of .15 and was speeding.

The cyclist’s family has filed a civil suit.

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