Man dead after high speed police chase ends in crash, fire

NOW: Man dead after high speed police chase ends in crash, fire

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A man involved in a high-speed with Milwaukee Police is dead Saturday night. The 27-year-old driver collided with another vehicle before crashing into a house, which started a fire in the vacant home. 

Milwaukee Police say they believed the driver was part of a drug investigation and when officers put on their emergency lights, the 27-year-old driver fled before crashing near 13th and Capitol.

"The suspect vehicle careened out of control into a house, a vacant house, and eventually burst into flames, " Milwaukee Police Inspector Jutiki Jackson said. 

Emergency crews helped evacuate the people who lived next door. 

"Due to the nature of the gas filling up the house, the structure did start on fire," an official with the Milwaukee Fire Department said. 

The person who was hit by the 27-year-old driver was sent to the hospital for minor injuries. Crews tried to save the man involved in the high-speed chase while on scene. 

"He was pulseless and not breathing when we arrived, significant trauma to him," an official said. 

The driver involved in the high-speed chase later died at the hospital. 

Saturday's high-speed police chase is one of many pursuits hurting and killing people in Milwaukee in just days. On Thursday, Milwaukee Police tried to stop a vehicle before the driver took off and hit a school bus near 40th and North. Last week, another reckless driver tried to run from a Milwaukee County Sheriff's Deputy before they crashed into another vehicle, killing 25-year-old Pedro Colon-Ortiz. 

Milwaukee Police have a message to drivers. 

"We're gonna pursue," Jackson said. "We have individuals that are committing major felonies in this city, violent felonies in the city, they're drug dealing and they're destroying neighborhoods so when they take off from officers we're going to pursue"

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