Man killed, 3 others hurt in hit-and-run near Milwaukee's Swing Park; investigation underway

NOW: Man killed, 3 others hurt in hit-and-run near Milwaukee’s Swing Park; investigation underway

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee man's loved ones say he's passed away after several people were hurt in a hit-and-run on Milwaukee’s east side on Saturday, Oct. 3.

Now those victims, and police, need the public's help to find the driver.

The accident happened by “Swing Park” near Water and Brady streets, at about 3:47 a.m. according to police.

Avery Jackson Trepanier was just hanging with friends overnight Saturday.

That’s when he said another group showed up and a guy accused a woman of stealing his phone.

“Then this dude was flashing a gun out," Trepanier said. "We realized that the gun was fake so then we got into a fight and we beat him up."

Then, as everyone headed to their cars, he said the suspect got into his and sped towards them.

Avery’s friend, "Berze" saw the man make a U-turn.

“He started speeding up and that’s when I heard Avery yell out that he’s coming," Berzellia Figueroa, whose boyfriend Ron was a victim, said.

“He came back flying down, hit us," Trepanier added. "He was like 40-60 miles per hour. I tried to yell, I was like hey, ‘watch out people.'"

Trepanier, and Ron, both 18, were hurt.

They have broken bones and other injuries and will recover.

But their friend, Giovanni Martinez, was critically injured.

Family now said the 23-year-old father didn't survive.

“Gio, he was an incredible person honestly," Figueroa said. “Like when we would be feeling down he would like, encourage us to keep our head up.”

Milwaukee Police also say an 18-year-old female was also hurt, but will survive.

Investigators add that the circumstances involving this situation are under investigation.

They are still searching for unknown suspects, especially the driver.

Police say he was in a dark-colored, four-door vehicle – possibly a Chrysler 300.

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