Man convicted of being felon with a gun is on the loose after a clerical mistake

NOW: Man convicted of being felon with a gun is on the loose after a clerical mistake

Milwaukee's correctional centers have seen more than their share of serious problems in recent months.

A man convicted of being a felon with a gun is still on the loose after he was released by mistake from the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility a few short weeks ago.

Toyea Funches is the man law enforcement agencies are looking for. Officials say his release was all because of a clerical mistake.

A criminal complaint from US Marshals says Toyea Funches was serving a 29-month prison sentence and a revocation sentence as ordered by a judge back in March.

He was sentenced because he was carrying a gun as a convicted felon in July of 2015.

Officials say because Funches' revocation sentence was shorter than his prison sentence, US Marshals issued a federal detainer to bring him back into federal custody once released by the Department of Corrections. 

But on April 17th, Funches was accidentally released from custody because staff overlooked his federal detainer.

Officials listed him as an escapee in the National Information Crime Center Database the next day.

Funches still has not been in contact with any law enforcement agencies.

Officials say Funches still has ten months left on his federal sentence and believe he's hiding out somewhere in the eastern district of Wisconsin. 

We reached out to the Department of Corrections and have not heard back. 

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