Man Chases Tractor after It was Involved in an Hit and Run

Richland Center, Wis. – A bystander chased a tractor northwest of Madison after it was involved in a hit and run crash and left the scene, according to Channel 3000.

Chris Johns was returning from Richland Center when he came upon a car accident in which a woman had rear-ended a lime spreader pulled by a tractor on Highway 14 near County Road TB.

“I stopped, got out, made sure she was OK, then I noticed the tractor had left," Johns said to Channel 3000.

Johns responded on his own with a slow-speed chase to find the tractor-driving culprit, catching up with him about 10 miles later and meeting up with deputies.

The driver told investigators he didn’t realize he had been hit, nor that he was being followed. The woman was taken to the hospital and treated for minor injuries before being released. Deputies have not charged anyone in the case but are still investigating.

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