Man charged after allegedly stabbing 62-year-old woman 116 times in South Milwaukee

NOW: Man charged after allegedly stabbing 62-year-old woman 116 times in South Milwaukee

SOUTH MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58) – A 31-year-old man is charged in connection to a stabbing in South Milwaukee.

According to a criminal complaint, Kehinde Afolayan, is facing a first degree intentional homicide charge.

Court documents state the South Milwaukee Police Department was called to the area near 5th and Clark for a stabbing complaint.

Officers entered an apartment and found a 62-year-old woman covered in blood lying motionless in her wheelchair. Police say she was breathing but not responding to officers.

While officers were waiting for medical personnel to arrive, they saw Afolayan come downstairs from an apartment carrying a white undershirt covered in blood. Police say he matched the description witnesses provided of the suspect.

The victim died before she was brought to a hospital. A medical examiner says the victim was stabbed 116 times.

Investigators found a bloody knife on the floor of the kitchen along with another bloody knife outside.

A witness told police he looked through the window of the victim’s apartment and saw Afolayan stabbing her. The witness told police he had seen the man getting mail from the victim’s mailbox in the past month. Another witness heard the commotion in the woman's apartment and also saw Afolayan making a stabbing motion toward the victim.

The victim’s son lives with the victim and told police Afolayan had been living with them since October. The son was not home at the time of the stabbing. Police say the man would not speak in an interview but repeated: "Jesus forgives me".

Afolayan faces life in prison.

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