Man charged in kidnapping on North Callahan

Marquis Johnson was scheduled to appear in court on charges for the kidnapping of a seven year old girl.
His lawyer waived his appearance today. 
Johnson has been charged with abduction and kidnapping. 
He is accused of going to 1125 North Callahan Place on July 30 and trying to take the girl. 
The victim told police she was playing out side of her apartment and she was going into her cousin's house when the incident happened. 
A man, she had never met, came up and tried to take her. 
She asked him what he was doing and he said, \"come on.\" She told him no. 
He picked her up and she kicked and fought until she was able to free herself. 
He then ran off.
The incident was caught on video. 
Johnson told police he thought the girl and a six year old boy were going off \"to have sex.\" He,also, said he was checking to she if she was \"straight\" and \"eating\". He also said he picked her up to see if she was his daughter. Information provided showed she was not his child. 
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