Man arrested for beating lawyer after civil court hearing

MILWAUKEE -- 59-year-old Robert Baker is charged with felony Substantial Battery with Intent to Cause Bodily Harm after allegedly attacking a county attorney.

According to the criminal complaint, Baker was in court on July 28 trying to get an old case reopened. Baker told investigators he believes Milwaukee County owes him $60,000. Baker's case was not reopened. An attorney representing the county says Baker became upset in court and began making profane comments.

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office, Baker attacked the county attorney following the July 28 civil court hearing. The sheriff's office says Baker punched the attorney several times and struck him in the head with a metal object.

A Milwaukee County Sheriff's deputy caught Baker as he tried to flee the scene of the incident. Baker told investigators he was unhappy with how his court hearing went. Baker says thanks to the hearing on July 28, he won't get the $60,000 he says the county owes him. Baker told investigators, \"I am mad at ---- for going through the open procedures to actually cheat me in court.\"

If convicted of Subtantial Battery, Baker will face up to three and a half years in prison.

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