West Allis man threatens roofers with shotgun

NOW: West Allis man threatens roofers with shotgun

CBS 58- A dangerous day on the job for some construction workers in West Allis as a neighbor threatens them with a shotgun.

It happened near 95h and Orchard Monday. The man, upset by the noise from the roofers, called police.

The man who lives on this block was upset with all the noise from the roofers—

“A little while later the cops left and said, ‘ok boys just try to keep it calm,’ which we were doing,” said Scott Geboy, who owns the roofing company the crew works for, Scott Geboy Remodeling and Roofing.

Once officers left the man, not satisfied with the results, came back outside.

“A little while later the guy came out with a shotgun,” Geboy said.

The workers called 911 and tried to get to safety.

“My guys were jumping off the roof, they were jumping in the bushes,” Geboy said. “Your life flashes in front of you when someone points a gun or shotgun at you.”

One worker did hurt his knee as he ducked for cover.

Police did arrest the man without incident.

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