Man accused of sexually assaulting a Milwaukee woman is facing new charges

NOW: Man accused of sexually assaulting a Milwaukee woman is facing new charges

The man accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a Milwaukee woman is facing new charges tonight.

Jose Arevalo is facing a First Degree Sexual Assault Charge. Now, he's accused of Conspiring to Kidnap in a separate incident. Cell phone data helped to connect the two cases. The victim in the sexual assault was observant. She noticed the type of phone the suspect used and an app he was on. That information helped police track down the suspected rapist.

Jose Arevalo already appeared in court on charges of sexual assault and now he faces additional charges for attempting to kidnap two other women.

On June 16th, police say Arevalo kidnapped a Milwaukee woman near Clybourn and Van Buren as she drove home from work.

Arevalo and another suspect, Grabiel Arias-Martinez, drove to Kenosha County where police say Arevalo sexually assaulted the woman.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim "had seen the defendant using an android phone and an application for maps"

Police got information from Google and found only one Android was used at the time and place of the kidnapping and assault-- it belongs to the suspect.

But that's not all-- "Google location services also placed this same phone in Kenosha at the date, time, and location of the incident involving two other victims" That incident happened the day before the assault, on June 15th.

Two women left a Buffalo Wild Wings in Kenosha and noticed a truck following them.

When they stopped, a man, who police now say is Arevalo, got out of the truck and approached the women's car, then he "reached into the bed of the truck, and removed what appeared to be a long gun."

The women took off and managed to get away.

With the help of the Google data, Arevalo is now charged with Stalking and Attempted Abduction.

Google location services also tracked the suspect to Kentucky where he and his accomplice were arrested. The suspect has not appeared in court yet on the most recent charges. 

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