Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Girl at Barnes and Noble in Mount Pleasant

A man has been charged for allegedly sexual assaulting a 15-year-old girl he did not know at a Barnes and Noble in Mount Pleasant.

Victor Little was charged with second degree sexual assault of a child under 16-years-old and disorderly conduct.

The incident occurred on Thursday in Mount Pleasant.

According to the complaint, the girl and her mother were at Barnes and Noble shopping when the victim first noticed Little in the graphic novels section.

Little came to the section the victim was in and she felt uncomfortable due to presence.

While at the front of the store, the mother and daughter witnessed a woman slap Little. When the two told the woman Little was not with them, the woman loudly starting calling for security.

The woman informed the officers she witnessed the assailant up behind the girl with his fingers pointing up and rubbing her vaginal area.

The victim said that due to the clothing she was wearing she may not have felt him touching her, but she did not give him consent. 

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