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Man accused of killing girlfriend faces new charge, pretrial scheduled for Friday

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) – The man accused of strangling his girlfriend to death and then hiding her body in 2013 is facing a new charge.

Kris Zocco now faces a solicitation of felony intimidation of a witness charge.

According to a new criminal complaint, Zocco told his former cellmate in Waupun Correctional Institution details about the crime and the cellmate did not believe Zocco was remorseful.

Court documents say Zocco also told the former cellmate that he was worried about what an ex-girlfriend of his “would say on the stand”. The criminal complaint states Zocco offered the cellmate money to help him “deal with” the ex-girlfriend.

In August, prosecutors convinced the court there is probable cause that Zocco murdered Kelly Dwyer in 2013.

The state's case relies on circumstantial evidence. They claim Zocco and Dwyer engaged in aggressive sexual acts, including strangulation.

Zocco will return to court on September 14.

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