Man, 18, charged in deaths of two teens in Milwaukee crash

Police say his erratic driving in a stolen car caused the death of two teenagers and sent another to the hospital with serious injuries.

18-year-old Gerald Harper is charged with four felonies in this case- two for homicide with a vehicle. Prosecutors believe he was driving a stolen Toyota Corolla when it crashed last week.  The Corolla flipped over.  Two teens were killed, another seriously hurt. 

Harper was in court for a preliminary hearing today. A Milwaukee police testified how Harper said right after the crash that he \"killed his brother\".  The officer said the car had flipped over and people were stuck.  He referenced how an MPD officer was checking out the car and could see people stuck inside.

\"He can hear yelling from inside the vehicle,\" Milwaukee Police Department officer Michael Hansen said Friday.  \"That yelling is coming from the driver's side portion of the vehicle so he runs back around there and at that time citizens are trying to pry the door Open. At this time, he observes Mr. Harper.\"

Harper is being held on $50,000 bail and will be back in court April 30. 

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