Mad rush to get married continues, couples booking 2 years in advance

NOW: Mad rush to get married continues, couples booking 2 years in advance

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A mad rush to get married after couples postponed their weddings during the pandemic is continuing.

Wedding venue managers said some couples are booking two years out.

With the White House resuming Covid briefings once again, people in the wedding industry say many couples are looking to get married before Covid, or something else, gets in the way again.

"We have booked, this month alone, probably about double what we've booked at this time. Our calendar for 2023 is filling up very quickly," said Delafield Hotel Manager of Event Sales Kim Ash.

Ash said they're booking two years out right now, some even for off-season dates.

"Which we normally don't open up our 2024 dates this early, but this year we are," said Ash.

Wedding planners, like Roxanne Larson with Abrosia Events in Milwaukee, said some people are still putting their wedding off as Covid cases spike again, but that could push back their big day even further.

"I think people are holding back and what they're not realizing is that those that aren't holding back, it's like first-come, first-served," said Larson.

Larson said things like photography, hair and makeup are booked far in advance.

Couples hire her to work out the fine details and insurance so that if plans change, there won't be extra charges.

"You don't want anybody at your reception coming and tapping you, as the new bride or new groom, on the shoulder, saying hey, we have some problems," said Larson.

Ash said they do what they can for people booking less than six months out.

"But they are having trouble finding dresses and we're helping them find vendors, so they may not get their dream dress but we're definitely helping them work and find vendors that they need," said Ash.

Ash said last year they had a historic number of weddings booked due to Covid-related rescheduling.

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